It’s been a while since I posted a page with all the websites in my language folder, and some of the links are now broken, so I’m going to repost that, updated with new and more links, and a full list of the foreign language music I listen to. 

Basic Russian (with Hetalia doodles): Part 0Part 1Part 2
Russian pronunciation rules
Online Russian lessons—free; text with audio; writing exercises. 
Russian grammar charts
Top 500 Russian verbs
Russian alphabet song, on Russian Sesame Street
A few Russian pop and operatic pop songs 

Anime (French/Japanese): Death NoteRozen MaidenSoul EaterPandora Hearts (French sub, Japanese dub)Shiki (French sub, Japanese dub)
Other shows: Supernatural and other sci-fi shows (French dub), More Supernatural (some of it in French sub)
How to convert your keyboard into a bilingual Canadian keyboard (also usable for Spanish) No download, just changing settings on your computer. 
Playlist of Mozart L’Opera Rock music. Full CD/DVD with better quality and more songs can be bought online. 
Notre Dame de Paris playlist, live musical. CD can be bought online. This playlist has Czech subtitles. Good quality sound in these videos. 
Je Suis Un Homme -French song. Hetalia video, sorry. 

Katakana chart with anime characters
Cutesy Hiragana chart
Katakana/Hiragana learning chart with anime character
Katakana/Hiragana/Kanji type Japanese characters, no download.
PONPONPON (Music. No explanation can possibly be given.)
A few videos featuring Vocaloid music and MMD (MikuMikuDance) program. All made by Hetalia fans, with Hetalia MMD models. Sorry, too lazy to find versions with non-Hetalia models. Vocaloid, along with the accompanying 3D MMD program, is popular in Japan. 

Oomph! playlist. German rock. Some songs have English versions. 
Die Atzen - Party (Ich will abgehen)
Die Atzen - Disco Pogo
Just a few German industrial metal songs and some more

For Hetalia fans, a Polish roleplayer on tumblr who posts in Polish and English, and posts a lot about Polish history and culture, in both Polish and English. Posts a lot of Polish humour and music, too. Here.

Explanation of Lombard dialect (link is completely in Italian)
Italian grammar e-book
Turret Opera (Music)

-Read classic literature in its native language
-International forums (also doubles as great between-language dictionary) 
-Keyboards (no downloads): , International Phonetic Alphabet symbols
-Systematic method of learning a language
-Language podcasts [UCLA]
-Language podcasts [World in Words]
-FSI language courses. Free e-textbooks for a ton of languages. 
-More language e-books, podcasts, flashcards, and more links to anything you could want. Gigantic list of languages. 
-DotSub. Videos of just about anything, with subtitles in other languages. Can be used to add subtitles in a video yourself. 
-Wikibooks: Languages
-English verb conjugator. Basically, learn all grammar to do with verbs in English without confusing linguistic jargon. Forget what the heck past perfect is? Here’s how it’s applied in English. 
-Non-tumblr blog about general language study. 
-"Defense Language Institute" —Don’t know what this is, but it’s got tons of language on it and seems to have lessons. 
-Giant youtube playlist of Disney songs in various languages. All videos are filled with Hetalia fanart. Every song contains at least three different languages, some having as many as 30 languages. Some songs have versions in different dialects, such as Catalan, Quebecois, and Cantonese. Some versions aren’t good quality depending on the language, and there is no Russian version of songs from The Prince of Egypt. Use this however you like, but it’s basically to satisfy your ‘inner polyglot’ while listening to music. 
-Hetalia character songs. Each song is in Japanese, with a few lines in the featured character’s native language, even though the pronunciation may be butchered in some languages. Romaji is used most of the time. The lyrics are somewhat inane, but simple. 

I had links to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in various languages, but Hasbro has been going around deleting all of it. I’ll have to search sites other than youtube for them. 
I apologize for stretching your dashboard. I have way too many resources for languages. 
Hetalia (the show itself is idiotic, the fandom and idea are why it’s great): Since the characters are all from different countries (okay, they are countries), the fandom is big on making fanart, fanfiction, and music videos with different languages. Roleplayers on tumblr for the characters tend to switch between English and their character’s language, which most of the time is their native language. So plenty of my resources include Hetalia in some way. 
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